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Harshita Ganga

Founder, CEO & Board Chair

Harshita always passionate about service to the community. Her research and findings on Autism and Genetics led her to launch this organization. While she also explored autism in the field of medicine through writing a review paper discussing the possible genetic and environmental causes of autism, she wanted to help children on the autism spectrum get new opportunities, such in STEAM and sports. She founded Spectrum Empowerment with this goal in mind, and she is hoping that this organization can help children on the autism spectrum get new opportunities, find new interests, and reach their full potential. Harshita brings leadership & service experience, and formulates & executes the strategy for Spectrum Empowerment, including for fundraising.

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Jill Hartsock

Board Director

Jill Hartsock is a Gifted Education Specialist with over 23 years of experience. She has a passion for unlocking lifelong curiosity in every student. When she’s not teaching you’ll find her on adventures with her National Parks, on the ski slopes, driving off-road, or soaking up the sun on a beach. She adds an educator's perspective to our working and strategic thinking. She is one fo the passionate hosts of the Adventures in Being Gifted podcast. She brings operational rigor, strategic focus to our metrics and success criteria. She also helps navigate the schools and local communities.



Ella Fernandes

Fundraising Director

Ella Fernandes is a junior at William Mason High School who has a big passion for supporting her community, whether through raising funds for various nonprofits (specifically, cancer research and local non-profits) or volunteering organizations such as 'Child's Hope Int’l' or the 'Live Like Maya' Foundation. Consequently, the main reason she wanted to join Spectrum Empowerment was because of her volunteering at the nonprofit 'Pause for Parents', which hosts respite events where these kids could be in an environment that is suited to them: one where they have friends who are like them, they have volunteers who are eager to play with them, one where they feel safe. While she was thrilled to see these kids making friends and playing fun games, she wished to go beyond that and give these children opportunities they may not get otherwise, so her desire to expose these kids to new learning opportunities drove her to be involved at Spectrum Empowerment.


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